Batch transfer
Capable of processing 3x as many transactions (255 payments) in an Ethereum block; more than any other ERC20 including Ethereum.
Utilizing eBitcoin (ERC20) batch transfer capabilities enables a user to save up to 70% in gas (computational) costs compared to popular alternatives. The average transaction fee for non-batched transfers ranges between $0.02 to $0.03*. (*Price is based on the latest 1500 Ethereum blocks; www.ethgasstation.info)
eBitcoin is a pre-mined, fully-distributed on static deployment platform that operationally reduces energy costs compared to the alternatives.
The approximate time per transaction is 15 seconds* (*based on Eth network load)
GDPR Compliant; secured by Ethereum Blockchain Technology.
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Launched 30 October 2017, eBitcoin (eBTC) is a non-ICO managed, utility token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain that conforms with ERC20 standards. Created for calculations using the P2P model, eBitcoin complements Bitcoin’s underlying principles with functional smart contracts, batch-payment capabilities, faster transaction speeds, and lower transaction costs.

eBitcoin is a secure, modern means of digital payment that creates cost-savings for participating merchants and stakeholders while providing a long-term solution to problems in cost, transferability, and scalability that plague the Bitcoin platform.
* Detailed Merchant Gateway Integration Information Coming Soon
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