To enable eBitcoin (ERC20) and eBTCx Platform Stakeholders internal and external value networks; wherein, Partners & verified Stakeholders share in the benefits of project collaboration and community engagement. The Eco-System collectively acts as an exponent for our Platforms with a core-focus on ensuring security and maintaining a competitive-advantage as merchants and token-users adapt to changes within the blockchain landscape.
Partners have direct access to an established global community of human capital that is engaged and dedicated to the success and world-wide adoption of eBitcoin. This Eco-System’s value is compounded by our Core-Partner Services with business incubator capabilities supporting blockchain companies and start-up/struggling token-companies, nonprofits, etc. that pass due diligence.
  • Access Foreign Markets
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Shared Knowledge & Expertise
  • Free to Apply
  • Reduced Risk Exposure
  • Immediately Accept Crypto-Payments!
Being an Eco-System Partner is about more than a project or specific profit stream, its about collectively minimizing partner costs as we create a greener, sustainable future operating on blockchain as a strategic alliance. In this Community-Driven Eco-System, affiliate-partners and core-partners alike benefit from a controlled-forum where consumers and companies can develop and foster new technologies, processes, and ideas that create sustained incentives for their products/services and eBitcoin (ERC20) while using the Platform as a payment method. eBitcoin (ERC20) inherently reduces energy costs as well as token-management costs when utilized. The Eco-System reduces operational costs for merchants and businesses accepting crypto-payments while maintaining a core focus on security, transparency, integrity, and community-stewardship.
Detailed Eco-System Resources will be available soon.
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